From the Desk of Peter Markovic

Since opening my company almost 40 years ago I have seen the property market change continually, but never wavered from my original business philosophy.

While the market changes and technology becomes such an integral part of business, I still continue to train every staff member in my company on my original philosophy.

That philosophy, combined with new and exciting changes, works perfectly in a property market that requires an agent who can “think outside the square” and substantially reduce “out of pocket” costs for vendors.

That philosophy is about hard work.

We never leave anything to chance, we work harder to achieve better results than our competitors.

We aim higher. We aim to achieve not merely what our vendors and landlords want or will accept, but to surpass their expectations.

My company has expanded and continues to grow every day.

In line with my business philosophy I decided to do what no agent can do for their vendors.

Whilst many people ponder over the property market and economy shifts I continue to work with a team of exceptional people who work hard to achieve the goals agreed with our clients!

We work for our clients. We invest our money in your property. We put ourselves in the vendors position, so in the end…we want what you want - A great result.

I pride myself on hard work and meeting constant challenges head on and I have a team of sales executives who do the same.